Finish 'Em Off With A Bat!

by The Nailheads

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Finish 'Em Off With A Bat! is the 2nd full length album by The Nailheads that will be release in the summer of 2014. The album was recorded in a couple sessions between the fall of 2012 and the winter of 2014. STUMBLE RECORDS


released August 13, 2014

Produced by Ritchy Nails
Co-Produced by Charles-Émile Beaudin
Executive Producers: The Nailheads
Engineered and Mixed by Charles-Émile Beaudin at Studio Du Chemin 4, Joliette, QC
Mastered by Marc-Olivier Bouchard at Le Lab Mastering, Montreal, QC
All songs written and composed by Ritchy Nails
except ‘Something to Think About’: written and composed by Raffy Mars
All songs arranged by The Nailheads

The Nailheads are :
Ritchy Nails – Lead Vocals, Bass, Harmonica
Raffy Mars – Guitar, Background Vocals
Lucky – Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Richy Nails –Guitar on ‘Rat Race’, ‘Stab Happy’ and ‘Toledo’
Raffy Mars – Lead Vocals on ‘Something to Think About’, Bass on ‘Rat Race’, ‘Stab Happy’ and ‘Toledo’
Additional Musicians:
Ryan “Chops” Chopik – Hammond B-3, Electric and Acoustic Pianos
Patrick Taylor – Trombone
Lord Max – Saxophone
Lorraine Muller – Baritone Sax
David Szanto – Piano on ‘Toledo’
Raina-Clair Gillis – Violin on ‘Toledo’
Charles-Émile Beaudin – Piano and Vibraslap on ‘Deny ‘N Self Destruct’, Tambourine on ‘Rat Race’ and ‘Shooting Rampage’

Artwork: Ritchy Nails
Layout and Cover Concept: Lucky and Ritchy Nails
Graphic Design: Lucky

Stumble Records



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The Nailheads Montréal, Québec

The Nailheads is a Montreal punk rock band active since the winter of 2008. They have played over 200 shows in 6 different countries such as Canada, USA, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Band members are Ritchy Nails on vocals and bass, Raffy Mars on guitar and Lucky on drums. ... more

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Track Name: Finish 'Em Off With A Bat
Finish ‘Em Off With A Bat

We’ll see to it that justice is done
By taking out everyone
Your own private Hell is coming to town
When your worst nightmare is about to go down

I don’t care what you’ve been told
The streets of Heaven are paved in gold
I don’t care what you’ve been fed
This old world is tainted red

We’re gunna finish ‘em off with a bat
Finish ‘em off like a rat
Finish ‘em, rat-tat-tat-tat, oh yeah
Take me out to the ballgame
Take me out with the crowd

We’re pissed off at the state of the world
Before swine we’ve tossed our pearls
We’re gunna tear you apart now, limb from limb
Just for a moment we’ll forget it’s a sin

I don’t care what they said
You’re gunna wish that you were dead
I don’t care what you’ve been sold
The place you’re going to is far from cold

Take me out to the ball game
Take me out with the crowd
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack
I don’t care if we ever come back
You’ve placed your hope in a world that’s been cursed
Vials of wrath poured out upon the Earth
Skin of your teeth hanging by a thread
Flesh of your face torn to shreds
Track Name: Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig

Hey! (3x)
You treat me like shit, you treat me so cruel
I’m not a guinea pig, a guinea pig for you

So bloody angry
With the way, the way that things are run
So bloody angry
So c’mon, c’mon let’s have some fun

I never ran with the crowd, no, I’m part of the few
I’m not a guinea pig, a guinea pig for you
You gotta be tried if you’re gunna be true
I’m not a guinea pig, a guinea pig for you
Tried and true, Nailheads Crew

I’m not a guinea pig, the guinea pig is you
Track Name: Never, Never Give Up!
Never, Never Give Up

Sometimes my heart says, ‘Ritchy, you’re screwed’
When I find myself at the home of the blues
Wishin’ to be in someone else’s shoes
Makes no sense to me when I really think it through
Brick by brick, layer by layer
You’re building up walls and you don’t even care
But what goes up must come down
Your walls will crumble to the ground

Same ol’ story, death or glory

Never, never give up
Though the road may be long and the time may be tough
Never, never give up
Though the road may be long and the time may be tough, tonight

Sometimes success is thrown into your lap
But a blessing is a curse if it’s comin’ too fast
And I keep fallin’ into the same ol’ trap
And our ’85 Chevy, honey, runnin’ outta gas
You reap what you sow, you sow what you reap
You’re playin’ for keeps and I ain’t losin’ sleep
You ain’t the first and you won’t be the last
Just look ahead and forget about the past

New mercies for me every morning
Late night demons come in swarming
Most people I meet I find so boring
Sometimes death comes without warning

Never, never give up
No, no, no, no, never give up
Track Name: We Fled
We Fled

I’ve got a temper hidden away in me
Enough to kill, enough to make you bleed
Deep inside, there’s no reasoning with me
‘Cause when it comes, red is all I see

Glass breaks, breaks the night away
We Fled, fled the scene
Track Name: The City
The City

The city is the place to be
If ya wanna end up knee-deep in misery
Just look around and baby you can tell
That the whole world is goin’ to Hell
And everyone’s under a spell
Whatcha gunna do about it now?

The hate, the greed, upon which we feed
Baby, whatcha gunna do about it now?

There’s a homeless kid on the corner of the street
Wearin’ nuthin’ but rags and the scars of defeat
With a needle in his vein, his skin is rotting away
And it’s alright and it’s okay
As long as we look away
‘Cause we don’t wanna have to face the facts

A young girl in need of a fix
So she stands on the corner turnin’ tricks
She’s been used and abused every step of the way
And the pimps and the perverts don’t give a shit
Heading out for an eternal pit
If they don’t repent from their wicked ways
Track Name: Deny 'N Self Destruct
Deny ‘N Self-Destruct

They get liquored up every night
First they make love and second they fight
Livin’ under a rock to hide from the light
Deny ‘N Self-Destruct

They shoot up every night
When they come down, they’re ready to die
They think they’re on one helluva high
Deny ‘N Self-Destruct

If you don’t have wings, how can you fly?
And if your heart isn’t broke, why would you cry?
And if you don’t have hope, why would you try?
Are you ready to die?
Track Name: On The Street
On The Street

The busy people pass me by
Like Medusa, I can’t be looked in the eye
I’m a creature they fail to comprehend
But I was once just like them
And the memories of yesterday
Come flooding back for a second and they’re gone
And I ask myself the question
Where did I go wrong?

Do you feel alone, when you’re far from home?
So far from home

On the street (4x)

Feeling incarcerated
From heaviness of thought
My weary shell is overwhelmed
And breath is all I got
And the pavement is oh, so cold
So are the hearts of men
In the heart of this dark city
I ask myself again

No one likes to be forgotten
No one likes to be ignored
Everybody wants a friend
Someone who’ll stick by until the very end
And the pavement is oh, so cold
So are the hearts of men
In the heart of this dark city
I ask myself again
Track Name: Vanish

Well, the world is run by greed and so I try to stay away
From the people that bite the hand that feeds, we don’t blend anyway
I couldn’t stand the heat wave, it was melting all my thoughts
But Lord, when I look your way, I’m no longer lost

I’ve had it with this planet
You’ve had it, let’s vanish

And these ugly situations, you know they happen more than often
I’ve been through and I detest but I continue to go through them
Life is a bowl of dirt but my gut feeling is a shovel
And I’ve got more lessons to learn, so could I lean on your shoulder

I’ve been many different places and it only took a couple to realize
That this world is run by greed and I won’t be hypnotized
And these ugly situations, they happen more than often
But I’ve been through and I confess, I need you to get me through them
‘Cause every day is a struggle and my gut feeling made me stumble
I’ve got more lessons to learn, so could I lean on your shoulder
Track Name: Rat Race
Rat Race

Well, it’s the rat race baby and it makes me sick
People tryin’ to make it to the top of a pile of shit
Buncha pack rats pilin’ up their toys
Thinkin’ it’s gunna bring them joy

They got all they need but they’re always wanting more
Just wait ‘til they find out what eternity has in store

The winner of the rat race, still just a rat
The winner of the rat race, ain’t nothin’ but a rat

Deep, deep down in your heart of hearts
You know damn well you only care about yourself
Always thinkin’ ‘bout what else you can get
Cold, cold heart made outta cement
Track Name: Victim Of War
Victim of War

American soldiers took my family and shot them all to death
I’ve had enough, I’m gunna fight them off ‘til my very last breath
I’m eight years old and I’ve got no limbs, I’m crawling on the floor
Life to me is so unfair, I’m a victim of war

Victim of war
Victim of Wah-ah-or
Victim of wah-ah-ah-or

They took away my security and they took away our pride
Took away our liberty and left us empty inside
The land of the free, home of the brave
Had us on our knees and made us slaves
My people can’t take it anymore
I think it’s about time we even the score

So listen to the verdict, America is perfect
Thou shalt not trespass this point of view
You’re either for or against us
Are you worthy of the trust of the red, white and blue?
We are god’s chosen people, we impale with the steeple
The Nazi to the Jew
Manipulation of every nation, the fear inside of you
The Land of opportunity, so bow down and worship thee

I saw my brother’s brains get blown out from the back of his head
The only way that I escaped was by playing dead
I crawled passed the bodies of my family on the floor
Does anybody even care that I’m a victim of war?
Victim of war
Track Name: Stab Happy
Stab Happy

Stab happy (4x)

Sometimes I wanna kill, baby, just for a thrill
Nothin’ gets me as high as a good stabbin’ will
Jab it in and pull it out
You know I’m only happy when I hear you shout

Oh, oh sugar, you know it’s a sin
When I peel off your flesh and slip into your skin
I dress my best, baby, when I dress up in you
I gotta get to know you, nothin’ else will do

I am the butcher baby, you are the meat
To carve you up, honey, would be a real treat
Align the pieces all nice and neat
Just for a trophy take home your hands and feet

Oh, oh sugar, you know it’s a sin
But I can’t help and act upon these feelings within
I dress my best, baby, when I dress up in black
To match my heart when I’m on the attack

So happy
Track Name: Shooting Rampage
Shooting Rampage

If I could I would go on a shooting rampage, you know I would
I would go on a shooting rampage if I only could

Hey girl, I’m gunna have to take your life away
Hey girl, you broke my heart when you went away
I’m a lonely psycho, a loner in need of some company
You were my second half
You went and took that away from me

I’m a natural born killer with looks to charm, baby, got an urge to kill
Got me a bad attitude and I got no social skills
You and me had built our dreams together as we walked hand in hand
How was I to know they were built on sinking sand?

And now your blood screams out to the Heavens
And my soul screams out to Hell
Just like the Devil
Honey, from grace you know I fell

Look at you!
What do you do for society?
Look at me!
I’m gunna take out everybody

Hey girl, I had to take your life away
Hey girl, you took mine when you went away
I’m a lonely psycho, alone in this here prison cell
What will become of me?
Only time will tell
Track Name: Lost Soul
Lost Soul

Mike K. was a quiet guy I used to talk to back in High School
He was a punk and a half, used to like to laugh
And talk about things he thought were cool
Now times gone by, what happened to the guy?
I haven’t seen him in a couple of years
He’s got a rope around his arm, a needle doin’ harm
And somebody whisperin’ in his ear

Peter L. was my good pal
You know I still can’t believe he’s gone
When I think back to the times we shared, you know, I ask myself what went wrong
We lost touch, man, it really sucks
You know I hadn’t seen him at all
He put a rope around his neck and I’ll always regret
Waiting too long to give him a call

Whoah-oh, he’s a lost soul
Lookin’ for an answer, how was I to know-oh?
Whoah-oh, he’s outta control
Who’s to blame when society is a crying shame?

Shawn S., man, he was the best and with my brother he used to hang
And even though I’s just a kid back then
You know, he’d treat me like one of the gang
There’d be a knock on the door
He’d send me to the store, a pack of smokes and chocolate milk
Life goes on and things go wrong but I wish I coulda been there to help

I wish I could just turn back time and tell you everything is gunna be fine
One minute we’re having a beer, next minute you’re no longer here
And whoah-oh, reality hits me
Whoah-oh reality hits me
Track Name: Downtown, No Place
Downtown, No Place

Took my dilemma to the United Nations
Downtown, no place
Took my dreams to the Union Station
Downtown, no place
No place except these city streets to protest against your laws
Injustice breeds a rebel effect and you’ve given us a cause
Oh gee, I forgot to read the clause

You say we got no ambition
Downtown, no place
You try to shut us up by intimidation
Downtown, no place
All my peers feastin’ on tears while the fat cats block out the sound
Their hearts shall be pierced by their own swords
And their weapons shall be broken down
You know we’re gunna turn the tables around

You could evict us by force and kick us outta the parks
But that will further bring to light what you’ve done in the dark
You ask us what we’re fighting for
As if to say there’s no need to implore
The rich stay rich and cast out the poor
A reality that we can’t ignore
And we’re marching to have our rights restored

There comes a time in everyone’s life
You’ve gotta choose between wrong or right
Sometimes that means you gotta put up a fight
Even if it comes at such a high price

And I think I found the books of the law
Downtown, no place
Ancient scrolls, uncut and raw
Downtown, no place
Solomon’s wisdom on Solomon’s porch
A Molotov cocktail with a blowtorch
Kinda truth that’ll leave you scorched
Downtown, no place
Track Name: Toledo

Took a greyhound into Toledo
Left without a dollar to my name
Left everything behind except my six-string
Headed out for fortune and fame
And I can see a thousand rooftops
As the bus rolls in at four am
I know I’ve been here before in a dream
And I ain’t ever going back home again

Had me a girl across the border
We were supposed to someday settle down
And I woulda done just about anything for her
Long story short, she’s no longer around
And although I tore up all the photos
Her memory is still as clear as day
And although I only got tomorrow
Something’s you just can’t wash away
Can’t wash away
Never wash it away

She left because she had a reason
She left because I am to blame
She left before a change of season
She left because I am insane

And I don’t need a thousand reasons
‘Cause to me they’re all one and the same
And I don’t need a thousand reasons, no
I don’t wanna see your face, not again
No not again, no never again

And I’ll go where I wanna go
And I’ll see what I wanna see
And no one’s gunna put a hold on me
And I’ll go where I wanna go
Breathe the air that I wanna breathe
And no one’s gunna put a hold on me

Caught a freight train outta Toledo
Left without a dollar to my name